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Welcome to the IRAS API Marketplace!

The IRAS API Marketplace combines industry expertise with innovative technology to create and optimise tax-related services. This is our new community dedicated to you, the Developer. We believe that developer experience is key to the adoption and success of the API initiatives, and we would like to work with you. Here you will find the sample codes and community Q&A forums to help you work effectively. Join our community of developers to create APIs that enables businesses and organisations to integrate and co-create with IRAS.

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We look forward to developing more industry-relevant APIs, together with like-minded software developers, platform providers/intermediaries (e.g. online marketplace), and partners. Please consider visiting our collaboration page.

If you have questions or would like to discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact the team at digital_partnerships@iras.gov.sg.

For technical queries/support on existing APIs, please contact the team at api_support@iras.gov.sg.

Co-Create with IRAS

Have a clear and amazing idea of how a new API could be useful for your organisation and taxpayers in general? What is in your API wish list or what new features do you wish to see? Submit your use case to us @ https://go.gov.sg/iras-apiusecase and the IRAS Digital Partnerships team will study the details for a potential collaboration together.

Looking for funding to support the development of your solution?

We want to help you make it happen! Check out IRAS Co-Creation Grant where we collaborate with software developers in the development of innovative solutions that redefine the taxpayers’ experiences.